I created this page to make it easy to access the Extraordinary resources we use and highly recommend.  I’ll continuously update this page when I come across cool and beneficial resources so be sure to visit this page often or just bookmark it to make it easy.


Some (not all) of the products on this pages are affiliate products, which means that I will earn a commission if you choose to purchase them. These are totally optional services that we recommend and use ourselves, but do not purchase anything unless you feel it can benefit you. 


Wealth Dynamics

This is one of the most beneficial resources that our team has discovered.  This assessment helps you tap into and leverage your natural genius to how you create wealth, whether its in a business, job or investment.  It helps you see where you best fit in a team and how also how to avoid the pitfalls and blind spots of your genius.  It gives you clarity on what advice and opportunities to say yes to and which ones to say no to.  It helps you follow the right role models.  For example, Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffet create wealth very differently (polar opposites).  You don’t want to try and mimic someone who is completely different.  And finally you will learn how to understand your spouse, coworkers, friends, and family.  It’s personally helped me understand my husband and be able to better appreciate and support him and his natural genius. Marriage boost is a bonus!  This information alone will take years off the failure and frustrations from doing the wrong thing.   Subscribers to our list save $20 so be sure to click the Green button to sign up Here.  The link will be in your welcome email.  You can also choose to go directly (without signing up to our list) Here


Fascination Advantage

Another powerful resource is the Fascination Advantage assessment. This assessment  shows you what other people find fascinating about YOU.  Its not a personality test.  You’ve probably taken a ton of those already.  Personality test tells you how you see the world, but THIS assessment shows you How The World Sees You. It’s like your own personal competitive advantage. Couple this with the Wealth Dynamics System above and you are on your way to building your empire by leaning into your natural genius and fascinating everyone as you go!  Click Here to Discover How You Fascinate

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