Home Based Entrepreneur – From Welfare to Millionaire Muslimah

Hey everybody and welcome back to the “From Ordinary to the Extraordinary Podcast.” And today we have an extremely special guest today and looking at her bio, you know, she has such a huge resume and it would take me literally five minutes just to read everything so I’m just going to give you some highlights of just who we have the honor of speaking with today.

Her name is Saiyyidah Zaidi and she is a positive psychologist and expert growth coach. She is an international speaker and is known for her training and seminars on entrepreneurship, work faith balance, positive psychology, high performance and abundance. She is the first winner of Niche Hero, an international business competition and has been personally mentored by Sheikh Muhammad AlShareef and her personal mentors include Tony Robins Brendon Burchard and Sheikh Muhammad Akram Nadwi. She is the world’s only positive psychologist and certified business coach and one of one hundred and fifty certified high performance coaches globally.

Most recently she is founded Millionaire Muslimah (which is a movement to create and grow ten thousand Muslimah of businesses). So, again I’m only reading just a few of her accomplishments and I can say this is an extreme honor to have you online with us today. Welcome Saiyyidah, how are you doing?

Saiyyidah: Assalamu Alaikum, Hi. I’m doing really; really well it’s an honor for me to be here.

Host: You know I almost don’t know where to begin, so the easiest thing for me to do here is to start at the beginning. How did this whole entire journey get started? You don’t seem like you have enough years on your life to have accomplished all of this.

Saiyyidah: I got my first job when I was eleven so maybe I started really young.

Host: Okay. Now, what was that job?

Saiyyidah: I was working in a play scheme, you know like you would have these summer schools where the kids go and I was an assistant there and it actually thought me a lot about leadership about diversity because we had kids from all over the world there but also kids with baring abilities as well So there were severely disabled children all the way to fully able body and had I not had that job I wonder if I would have ever interacted with such a variety of people so, I did learn a lot about myself.

Host: Oh wow, that’s excellent. And so what catapulted you into the world of entrepreneurship?

Saiyyidah: So, when I was growing up I think the kind of traditional idea of a career that I had was you go to university, you graduate, you get a job and then you just go through the ranks and eventually you retire and that’s what would have happened for me. And, you know I was doing quite well because I had made it to director in local government and I did it quite fast which was pretty miraculous in itself.

But I think I did it through working hard and making good connections and getting the right support and knowing where my gaps were. But how did I then take the leap from what you would say was a traditional 9 to 5 career into working for myself; And I think it was pretty much because I was just unhappy.

I realize that even though I was doing the job of my dreams in British commerce, I wasn’t spending time with my family. My decision-making ability was being determined by people who were around me and I no longer loved what I was doing and I just had enough and just wanted to get out. And so I thought okay, leave, because I had already been coaching people. And so I thought okay, let me just get out of there and try and find a way for how I can make sense of this skill that I have and see what I can do and that’s how I have ended up doing what I do now.

Host: Wow that was a pretty high level position that you had.

Saiyyidah: Yes. Even now I can hear my mom in my ears saying to me, “why did you leave your job?” Because you know, when you work in the government position you get a nice pension and you have the healthcare you have everything taken care of. And it was just like I said, I had have enough and I know it had a very significant impact on my family because all of a sudden we when from 6 figures plus a year to very, very little. But I think it was the right thing to do because it’s more important for us to be happy and whole than for us to be slaves working for something that we don’t believe in.

Host: Absolutely I totally agree. The courage it takes to leave that kind of an income you know. It says a lot about the individual as a person and you know, you have just been a blessing to everyone that has been able to be mentored by you that you actually took that leap and decided this is enough.

Saiyyidah: Yea, It’s a blessing for me that I have the support of my husband who I remember having a conversation with him and he just said “Do what makes you happy and we will deal with the consequences.” And had he not said that I would probably still be working in that job now because of the security that it gave and so I think it’s really important for us to make sure that we surround ourselves with people who love us not just on a superficial level but love us so much that they want our happiness for us.

Host: Yes that’s extremely important especially in this journey because it’s not an easy journey. So you made this decision to quit that job and then what? Where did you find yourself?

Saiyydah: {Laughter} I found myself unemployed and in bed for six months and I will tell you why. Because I felt like maverick actually leaving my job and it was the best thing I ever did. But then for the next six months all I could here was my mom saying to me “Why did you do it? And When are you going to get a proper job?” and all of that. And it was really hard so I would describe it as if I actually went into mild depression because I didn’t know what I was going to do next.  And it was really hard picking myself up from that because, you know, I still had clients I had to coach and I still had people that I was working with. So, in some ways it was like I was living two lives because I was having to deal with so much of my own stuff yet support these other people and I felt lost.

And I’m not sure what turned it around but I have to say, you know, I was asking God for a lot of help and something must have happened because six months or so after that I just realized I couldn’t carry on living my life like that. Because if I did I was just going to go back to what I was feeling when I was working for the government. Then at least I had decent money coming in and this time I didn’t have any.

Host:[Laughter] If you gonna suffer at least suffer with money! huh

Saiyyidah: Exactly. So that’s when I kind of thought okay, pull yourself together Saiyyidah, you’ve got to sort this out you need to get on with working out what you need to do. And that was really when I realized I had to setup my own business. I had to learn all this stuff about what a blog is, what is social media. I didn’t even had a Facebook page. I didn’t even know how to spell the word blog let alone how to write one. And so it was like I was going back to school and I struggle through all of that. But because I have done that, you know, I thank God I’m now in a position where I can take care of my kids and I know what they’re doing on a daily basis. We can live wherever we want to and travel wherever we want and it’s fantastic and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Host: Yes, I travel quite a bit and I like traveling too. And you’re in beautiful Scotland right now. And you know it’s interesting that you also brought up taking care of your kids and being able to be especially for women who feel like they’re always in this tug-a-war between taking care of their children and having a career in which is in one way of taking care of themselves. And I find that a lot of women feel that they lose themselves when they stay home, not that they’re not contributing they just feel like, especially leaving a job and staying home, which I think is a fantabulous decision.  But a lot of women are in that position where they’re feeling like, well, how I decided – I made this conscious decision to stay home or to quit my job but then they find themselves in that space where, “oh my gosh, now I’m a permanent caretaker”. I mean it’s completely rewarding and then at the same time there’s still some sense of wanting to contribute in other areas.

Saiyyidah: Yes, absolutely and I think it was interesting for me because I took time off when my kids were babies and then I went back to work. And it was only because I’ve been through that experience that I relate to what you’re saying because I feel I need to work. I need to use my intellect. Then if I’m not doing that then I’m whole and I’m not happy and I love my children at the same time. So where do we find the balance for all of that because there’s no point in having kids if you’re not going to look after them properly and raise them right. But at the same time you have got to look after yourself and it can be quite challenging to strike that balance between your needs and your children’s needs. And I think that we have this wonderful gift of the Internet and computers and I think it’s actually enabled us to be in a position where we can work very effectively from home.

You got to find the right balance, but you can do it. And I think that we live in times that are quite complicated but also there is a lot of liberation that’s available, should you seek it.

Host: Yes. It’s being amazing for me, not that I have children to worry about but I come in contact with a lot of women and I hear the same story in different ways but one put it to me, she said, “you lose yourself” .And that was scary for her because she was thinking, even though her children weren’t small they’re going to grow up they’re going to have their own lives one day and then what’s going to happen to all of the education and the intellect that I have and how do I create a life outside of my children when I have been doing this for so long. And that scared I think even more women that will actually talk about it openly but it’s definitely something that the internet had made extremely possible to fulfill both and you been helping women to do just that, pretty much.

Saiyyidah: Yes. Now that I have done this and I’ve been through five-plus years of struggles of ups and downs, you know, days when there’s no hair left to tear out. [laughter] But the thing is once you that once you’ve been through that journey you have an idea of how to streamline it and make it easy. And so, what I do when I work one to one with people is just that I’m helping them to start and to grow their businesses because I really do believe that if you have a skill set then it’s important for you to share it with others so that they can then develop as well. If you keep it to yourself then it’s like a muscle that you’re not exercising and that’s the bit for you, but when you make other people realize their potential as well then is like creating ripples. And you know, if I can just shake the earth a little bit and help to support some amazing women become financially independent, become kind of free mentally as well as physically then that would be pretty awesome.

Host: It’s amazing. We’re going to get into that a little bit later what you have cooking up for that which is an amazing program that I am so excited about and it’s just oozing you can’t even see it right now but I’m just oozing with excitement because when I saw you post about it I almost jumped out of my chair. And Monica saw it she probably saw it before I did because she’s just on Facebook more. But oh wow, we were just so excited talking about it so we’re going to talk a little bit about back later because I want to kind of end with that. Okay, so in this whole process what would you say would probably be your biggest mistake that you said you made?

Saiyyidah: Hmmm The biggest mistake would not believe in myself. So when I looked back to those six months after I leave my job, that only happened because I didn’t believe in myself and it can be anyone who say just a few words to you and they mean it or they say those words with the best of intention because they care for you. But sometimes what happen is that you process those and that’s all you hold onto and it destroys your confidence and your ability and it means you just do absolutely nothing and I look back to that time and I feel as if I wasted six months of my life and it’s not something that I ever want to do again.

So anybody listening if you want to do something you just got to believe in it and you just got to get on with it and not allow anyone’s negativity or bad words or whatever it is to get in the way of you believing that you can deliver and you can do what you want.

Host: Yes. I think that’s extremely important and I like I said it eighty percent mental.

Saiyyidah: Yes, and even in the work that I do with my coaching clients and the work that my coaches do with me, it’s all about us standing in our own way and as soon as we learn to step out of that and actually step into the one that is our best possible self, then the world will come to your assistance and I think we forget.

Host: Yes or don’t know it, because how long it’s even taken me if all other things I’ve done it’s taken me even a long time to come into some of these realizations myself and it’s amazing when you realize it and inexperience it. And what I realize is that we’re not really (unless you were born in a household that did this very effectively) we’re not traditionally raised or taught to really trust ourselves. we’re taught to be like someone else or we’re successful if we are in this particular category… we are doing this… even from learning and that could go on forever but, we are just constantly being fed that we need to be something else; indoctrinated in a way to where that’s the only way we know to think.

Saiyyidah: It’s really interesting because I think that with that traditional education systems, with the way the media is with all of this stuff going on it is indoctrination. And people are being created out of the system that will just go and plug themselves into businesses earning minimum wage and not really having the best life that they could. Yet as soon as you step out of the system and you try and do something different, it becomes very transparent of what’s going on. And I find it fascinating as there are people all over the world and in terms of their wealth situation they vary from living off minimum wage all the way to multimillionaires. And there are a lot of people who are opting out of the system because they realize that they don’t want for their kids and future generations what they had for themselves growing up. So I think the world is going to be a very different place in the next few decades.

Host: Yes, hopefully for the better. And that’s why we are here to be a part of that change. So what’s your view on the big F word Failure?

Saiyyidah: I think that there’s a lot that we can learn from failure. And I think that you’ve got to make it your friend. When I started out that first blog, and remember I didn’t even know what blog was I had to have so much help even just to set up a Facebook account. And would you call it a failure, nobody liked my first blog post I had to hunt down people who would be interested in what I was doing and it was a real struggle. And that thought me that you’ve got this thing about determination and just keeping on going. But through all of the mistakes that I have make and you know, I’ve had launches where I gone into it and thought that this is a fantastic and literally delivered something very, very quickly and it has been amazing but then sold like five or ten and it’s a failure. But the learning that you get through that failure is phenomenal and it’s the application of that. So for me, personally, I want to keep failing because then I keep growing. Do you know what I mean?

Host: [Laughter] Oh Absolutely and you know I’m a master of failing but then again like you said that’s what allows you to keep growing. In some cases you can’t learn it other ways, it’s like this is the path where you have to jump over this hurdle and you can’t get to the other side unless you go through that hurdle and then you can look back and say, “okay, now I see why.”

Saiyyidah: But there’s also something really interesting that happened to me recently because I have been doing a lot of travelling and I’m trying to learn Arabic and I actually failed one of my levels like I failed the exam because my attendance mark weren’t enough. And so that put me with a different class and I had new people in the class. What was interesting for me through that experience was that the second time around I was seeing things and learning stuff that I missed first time round. So my depth of understanding was far greater but also it’s the opportunity that was created linking with different people and so for me I think failing that exam and failing in a traditional sense actually open up so many more opportunities for me and it really struck me and it made me kind of reflect on other things that I’ve failed up in the past and how had I not done all of that maybe I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Host: Yes definitely totally agree or sometimes that failure is a blessing. It’s definitely a blessing because it’s a process of you getting to that level of greatness that is there.

Saiyyidah: Okay I will give you another story as well if I may; which is a few years ago we got burgled and they took the lap top, they took my backup and they took the back up of my back up and I was really, really annoyed I was not in a good mood. And so I thought okay, what do I have to learn and I had my period of having a few days to be angry and then I thought okay, I’m not going to allow this to eat me up. I need to work out what they need to learn from this. And the biggest message for me was that maybe it was God saying to me that six months worth of work that I’ve lost it just wasn’t good enough. Then I though okay fine, I’ve got to start again blank piece of paper, new laptop and I just did everything again. And it killed me but I’m so glad I did it because what I did the next time around was so much better than what I had before.

Host: Wow! I don’t know if I would have even come up with that but you know, that’s what happened I tried whenever something goes wrong I say okay, what is the lesson because if you don’t get it you stay in it until you really do. So I’m like, okay I need to really focus on what (and you have to really set aside the failure aspect to really see the blessing in it). You have to set it aside and say, okay, I prayed for this to happen it didn’t happen what’s the lesson from it and how can I take away from it? Some of them are like “oh I’m so glad that it didn’t happen the way I asked for it” because it would have taken me off in a totally different path that I would have been doing and I wouldn’t have been happy with even if it was successful. So I definitely welcome those and we can only see so much ourselves so it’s awesome. So what do you think is your biggest accomplishment?

Saiyyidah: It’s a really, really hard one and I hope that I haven’t done it yet. And the reason I say that is because when I first got married and even before I got married I had this conversation with my husband to be, about kids and all of that. And I was very indifferent to having children I’ll be honest with you. And then I did very well with my education and my career was going really well. And then my daughter came along and I was like, “oh my God this is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.” And I hope that in decades to come I will look back and I will think that that is the best thing that I have done in my life because there is no point in us having this skill set and learning it if we don’t nourish and create our children to be the leaders that their generation needs. So from the work that I am doing I come to this late and I feel as if and I feel as if I’m constantly catching up, but if I can give them the skills that they need then they can influence their generation to be better. Then that for me I hope that would be the biggest legacy that I could leave.

Host: Yes, I totally agree. So what advice/advices would you have for young entrepreneurs, any entrepreneurs but especially those starting out?

Saiyyidah: Come up with an idea not a hundred ideas just one because because I know that if you’re anything like me, I can come up with ideas for businesses and blogs and all of this. I can come up with a million a day but there just isn’t enough time and what happen is that when you have too many ideas you lose focused and you end up doing absolutely nothing so use just one idea. Be prepared to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes because not learning that you that you do is priceless and just believe that you can do it. These days because we have the Internet and social media and all of these other things, you don’t even need a huge amount of money to invest in your business you can start with zero. There is also available that will help you build a mailing list with up to two thousand without a penny being spent. I didn’t have that when I started out. You can start a WordPress blog for free. So there is no excuse anymore not to work for yourself and to have your own business. You just got to want to do it and carve out a little bit of time every single day so that you could do something towards that.

Host: Absolutely. Now you can do this with no money. You know when I started and I started with a ecommerce site which I still have but that’s another story. But there was some investment not a huge investment but some other platforms and things that are available now just were not available and the things that were, was really expensive and we had to bootstrap it for such a long time just to get little things because it wasn’t as developed as it is now. No WordPress & blogs and no social media. There was just setting up an online store pretty much was your way to go with and business. Then you had to pay the monthly fees and you had to advertise and you had to get training. So now I like that you put it that way that there is just no excuse if you really reant want to do it and there is plenty of information out there to get it done. So did you have any particular book recommendations?

Saiyyidah: Okay. So I really like Ten Thousand Hours by Malcolm Gladwell, I love that book. I just think it has thought me so much about understanding that whole process of growth, that one. I think the other book that I would really recommend is a book called ‘How of Happiness’ and it takes you through positive psychology interventions that you can do. And I know we’ve not spoken much about positive psychology in this discussion but I think that there is a lot to be said about you taking control of your psychological well-being and that book has enormous amount in there, the different things that you can try and there will be something in there that will fit you. For example I know that one think that seems to be at the front of a lot of people’s mind are issues with forgiveness, there’ll be someone in your family or your circle that you’re struggling to forgive. Well, this book and the intervention that is in their really helped me to work that stuff out.

Host: Is that called how happiness?

Saiyyidah: How of Happiness

Host: Okay. Those are two I haven’t heard and since you brought it up and said it exactly as I was thinking, let’s define what positive psychology is just in case there is some kind of confusion around it.

Saiyyidah: So positive psychology is the science of happiness. And it’s interesting because if we look at normal psychology, inverted commas, it was to taking people are feeling anxiety or depressed or have some sort of psychological illness to a place where they feel normal inverted commas.  Well, positive psychology looks at the average person and takes them to a place where they can go to and thrive and flourish. And that’s what really struck me about this because what we are doing is that we’re saying yes there is a whole load of psychology and interventions that are available for people who need to move from one place to the other to where they can be living an ordinary and normal life whatever that may be for that person.

But how do we then shift them forward to propel them so that they really are living in to their excellence? And for me positive psychology has so many tools and interventions that are there that help people to do that.

Host: Excellent, yea and that just leads right into entrepreneur, well, not for our discussions personally into the entrepreneurship and just really stepping out there and out there and being confident and doing something that you are going to love and be happy doing.

Saiyyidah: Yeah, Absolutely.

Host: Definitely. You’re the only one I never heard the term positive psychologist until I met you.

Saiyyidah: It’s interesting. I will tell you how I got into positive psychology because I did some coaching training and I didn’t realized at the time how elite it was but it gave me some really really good connections. And so I asked one of my trainers and I said, what should I do next? Because a lot of my clients were saying to me that they didn’t understand the reasons why some of the interventions and some of the work that we were doing was working. So they said why don’t you go and do a Master’s? So I found this Master’s in positive psychology and they were only two places in the world that did it at the time. One was in Pennsylvania and one was ten minutes bus drive from my house. And it was one of the best things I did because not only did it really help me to grow, but it also helped me to deal with, you know, we all have stuff that we need to get over and it did helped me with that and it helped me realize that just having an ordinary life is not enough for me.

I feel as if I’ve been created to do more than just live and raise my kids and work 9 to 5 or whatever, I have to do more.

Host: Yes, and you have done quite a bit. So, let talk about this new project you are launching.

Saiyyidah: Yes, Millionaire Muslimah. You know, It’s funny because it’s being an idea that I’ve had in my mind for some time and it was a conversation that I had with my Mom that just made me think, okay, now is the time for me to like, get up off my butt and do something about it. And the aim really is to take the work that I’ve been doing with people on one to one and actually put it in a way so that it is more accessible to people. And to actually help primarily Muslimahs kind of grow and creates businesses for themselves, so that they are psychologically whole so that they have financial freedom, so that they can live wherever they want to and so that they are in charge of the decisions that they make for their lives rather than stressing about how they are going to get food on the table, how are the bills going to get paid. Because that not the way life should be I think there is so much more that we can have and we shouldn’t be worried about some of the basics.

Host: And so what gave you this inspiration for this project?

Saiyyidah: It was the frustration of women having to compromise. As we were speaking of before no one should really have to decide whether they go to work or raise their children. No one should have to decide whether they use their intellect doing something that they enjoy it or not. And, we shouldn’t become slave to the 9 to 5 working in a job that we don’t enjoy. There has got to be more to this and I think that as women are getting more and more educated and becoming more aware of who they are. There is also this thing about us not having to not having to ask anyone for money and I think that is religionless and also it’s timeless. I do not ever want to have to ask my husband for money to buy something that I want. If I want I like a nice handbag I should just be able to go to the shop and buy one without thinking of the consequences. And I know I’m being flippant when I say it but really that’s something that I would desire for myself and I would desire for everybody. And we shouldn’t be standing in the supermarket looking at two loaves of bread and thinking do I go for the cheaper one or the healthier one because we haven’t got the money to buy it. And these are the choices that some people having to make. And so, what I’m working to do really is to help women to be able to create their own businesses and grow their own businesses so that they are no longer in that situation.

Host: Yes absolutely, it’s definitely something that so many women are dealing with and not knowing how to get started and where to get started but they have that desire, even if it’s just (and your speaking in pounds and I’m going to speak in dollars) but even if they had an extra five hundred or an extra thousand dollars in their pocket, that would just transform a world for them. A lot of people think that they have to make so much money and some just want to make enough and I know even when I started my goal was to get rid of my commute and to not have to do that commute and to replace my income working from home. Of course that was the goal number one and then once you get there you can always take it further but you don’t necessarily have to if that is okay with you. There are some women who are going to be just fine with that and happy and then others who are just will just want to say, “You know what, if I can do this I could do more” and that’s freedom.

Saiyyidah: Absolutely. And I think what is interesting for me is that it releases some of the stress and the tension and I think you are right, an extra five hundred to a thousand dollars a month it will create freedom for people to go on holiday, to take time off and not worry and maybe have a little bit of luxury in their life as well. Things that I think the majority of people probably had before their life circumstances changed.

Host: Yea, Definitely and that’s why I was so excited to see you doing this. I’m just excited for all of the women who are just going to be able to benefit and you are looking at over ten thousand over the next five years you mentioned?

Saiyyidah: The next five years. A part of me thinks that figure is going to end up being quite low because every day I get an email or there is a Facebook message or something from somebody saying that they want to be one of the ten thousand or they are struggling with something to start their own business or there is an obstacle in their way. And so, I’m doing two things, one of the things I’m doing is I’m making videos in responses to questions that people are asking. And the other thing is I’m sharing the resources that I use as well, because it’s going to be easy to use and accessible and I’m trying to write it in a language that would have been easy to understand for the person that I was five years ago not having any idea of any of this stuff.

Host: Yes, exactly. I told you the other day I walked in the store and I was so excited about it and I just started talking to somebody about it and she, “I want to do it.” Now, this particular woman she’s a stay at home Mom . She is decently well of and she doesn’t need to work she wants to work. And she is a creative type just like you and she has a million and one ideas and even her children are like, “Mom when are you going to actually do one of these? They’re like, Mom another one?” and it’s so funny because I just peggedd her because just listening to her and she is like, “I want to do it and I said you know what? You should do it and she’s like yeah, keep me posted.” And it’s just something, because she has all of these ideas in her head she just wants to get them out and actually do something. And she was actually in a course at the University trying to learn, take some courses on this stuff and I was like, “No this is going to be better for you.”

Saiyyidah: Well, you know the funny thing is that I got an email today from somebody who is a senior lecturer at the business school in London and they signed up for the Millionaire Muslimah, and I was just like, “Wow! This could go to so many different places if people of that caliber are signing up.”

Host: I was really so excited and when I get excited about something I get excited about it and just really excited for this and that’s coming up in September? So where can we listeners go to sign up for this?

Saiyyidah: You can go to www.millionairemuslimah.com and you can get onto the VIP list and what I’m doing for the VIP list is basically sharing resources and tools and ways for people to start off. There is also the Facebook page which she is Facebook.com/TheMillionaireMuslimah and there is where I upload answers to questions that people are asking.

And so if anyone listening have any questions about how to start a business any obstacles they’re facing they can just message me and at some point over the course of the next few weeks I will make video and reply to that specific question.

Host: Awesome. We are going to update the site with all of these links too. So hopefully everyone gets in while the getting is good because I’m pretty sure that this one is going to fill up really fast In Shaa Allah. It’s amazing and I’m just excited really excited about it and yes this is good stuff.

Saiyyidah: You know I’m really excited but I’m also really scared at the same time because iI think there is so much that needs to be done in order for this to work and what is awesome about what I’m trying to do (even if I say so myself) is there are these ten thousand businesses that we want to create in the west but also I want to match each new business that we create with a micro finance project somewhere in the developing or in the third world. So for me there is kind of like a balance there then because we’re also supporting families who are in desperate need for some level of financial independence as well as people in the west who are in a similar situation but in a different way. And so I just think it would be absolutely awesome for us to be able to create ten thousand micro finance businesses as well.

Host: Absolutely and that’s what we’re here for, to serve humanity and this serves both purposes and not only serving those who have access but serving those who are even less fortunate than we are because we do you have a lot and we have a lot to offer. Which is exactly why this whole project is so important because now you going to be setting that legacy for others to step in whoever they are and do the same thing for other people In Shaa Allah, in their own way.

Saiyyidah: Yea Inshaa’Allah And that is what raises the hairs on the back of my neck and makes me really excited.

Host: Yes, and that’s why we’re doing this because this is a purpose driven project. It’s not only about money it’s about serving a higher purpose and they don’t have to be independent of each other you don’t have to chose between that and the wealth model or having money. A lot of time we think, well if we are going to serve it doesn’t really fits in with sometimes with our psychological view of making money versus being of service.

Saiyyidah: I think the thing that really inspires me at the moment is Tony Robbins with his “Feeding A Hundred Million people A Year” and I just think you know what, if I can even get slightly close to that, that would be pretty awesome because look at the great work this guy is doing and yet he still cares for people who are suffering and it’s inspirational.

Host: Yes, and at the end of the day it becomes that, that’s what it’s about that’s what drives you. Money is okay, yes it’s great but that passion in knowing that you are contributing and you’re doing something and you’re helping someone and you’re making a difference, you just can’t buy that.

Saiyyidah: Yea, absolutely. And I tell you it’s funny because when I was working in the government I always have this thing about I would give a certain percentage of my salary away in charity and then when I started to work for myself I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t do that anymore and that started to became one of my big motivators. And because I have shifted my mindset to like survival of family to giving in charity I think that there was some blessing that may have been put into my work. Because at that moment when I could go back and I could give in the charity in the same level of what I was giving before honestly I felt so much gratitude just for that moment.

Host: Wow! And then you increase even more in that and get all of the barakah and blessing from all of the work that comes from your work. Well, I could sit here all day and haven’t even scraped the surface on all of what you have to offer and we have already been here 48 minutes. So, hope fully we will be talking to you and hearing more about Millionaire Muslimah little bit later. Is it only for Muslim women?

Saiyyidah: I have to say it’s for women only but it’s for any women who want to come in and start their business, I mean, it’s going to be a program that is geared towards Muslim women but I’ve had Catholic women in my program before, I have had Jewish woman in my programs and what was always interesting for me is they even send me emails and say that coming through my program has helped them get closer to God and I just think that that’s awesome.

Host: Yes, because I know that would probably be one of the questions because at the end of the day I’m pretty sure that there will be some Islamic elements to it.

Saiyyidah: There will definitely be an Islamic element to it yeah.

Host: Yes, but it wouldn’t take away from being able to absorb the information and apply what is being thought.   So that is definitely awesome and I’m so excited and I can’t wait for it. So if you get a little bit scared I will be right there to just boost you up and everything because whenever you are creating anything and you put it out there, there is always that, you kind of feel like, “Oh my gosh, am I really doing this?” But it’s really an awesome project and now we can see where all of what you have done in the past have led up to this and in Shaa Allah we will continue to go. So thank you so much for being on I’m so excited for everyone to hear this.  We’re going to post this.

If you want to listen to this, you can just go to our site and do a site search for Millionaire Muslimah and it will pop right up. If you are listening to this episode and you want to find it quickly if you missed whenever it airs, directly on the site you can just type in Millionaire Muslimah and there will be a write up with all the resources and links and contact information. Any parting words you want to share?

Saiyyidah: Believe in yourself, get obstacles out of your way and just go for whatever it is in your dreams In Shaa Allah.

Host: Okay, with that said we will signoff and we will see you on the next call on the site and the site is o2epodcast.com and Millionaire Muslimah in the search function.  Ok be well, thanks.

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