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This week’s guest, Saiyyidah Zaidi or the Millionaire Muslimah joins us to speak about her incredible journey from growing up on England’s equivalent of welfare to becoming an extraordinary home based entrepreneur.  She discusses her journey from leaving a 6-figure job to start her business.  It wasn’t an all rosy journey but definitely worth the struggle.  Now she’s here to share how to become an entrepreneur with our listeners!


Saiyyidah got her first job at 11 years old at a summer camp.  She grew up with the traditional plans of getting her university education and finding a good job.  And thats’ exactly what she did.  She became an architect until a bad accident left her unable to do this job.  Later she got a government job making $170,000/year.  She’s also an expert growth coach and positive psychologist.  I’m still not sure where she found the time for all of her accomplishments!

Saiyyidah seemed to be living the dream but she grew increasingly unhappy with her job.  The final straw was when she realized that a new contract they were working on included riba.  Wanting nothing to do with this decision-making process, she went home and told her husband she wanted to quit.  He supported her fully and said “Do what makes you happy and we will get by.”  Being the main bread-winner, this was a huge relief to have the support of her loving husband.

But after she quit, it wasn’t all roses.  She found herself depressed and in bed for 6 months, constantly hearing her mom’s voicing saying “why did you do it….”  We’ve all been there or if you are aspiring to be an entrepreneur you will most likely be there!

After getting herself together Saiyyidah has gone on to launch many successful business ventures and programs. She has been recognized by many prominent leaders and organizations for her work.  And she’s an absolute joy and pleasure to work with.  I’m so blessed and lucky to have her in my life now.

Her latest project Millionaire Muslimah was born out of the frustration of seeing many Muslim women struggle with financial independence.  The struggle of wanting to work but also wanting to care for your family.  What do you do? How do you start? How do you balance the two?

Millionaire Muslimah is here to address just that, along with other issues around this topic.  This is definitely an episode you don’t want to miss!


Biggest Mistake

“Not believing in myself. Don’t let anyone’s negativity or bad words get in the way of you believing that you can deliver and do what you want”

“Failure- You got to make failure your friend….The learning you get through it is phenomenal and the application of that. I want to keep failing so that I can keep growing.”


How of Happiness

10,000 Hours: You Become What You Practice





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