How to Be an Entrepreneur – From a Reluctant One

Hey everybody, and welcome back to the From Ordinary to Extraordinary Podcast. I’m your host, Victoria Caldwell. And today, we have the honor of speaking with Yasemin Inal, another extraordinary entrepreneur. She’s a certified personal development and high performance coach, and a motivational speaker. She’s the founder of Amplify your Dreams, where she empowers big dreamers to get clear about their goals and dreams so that they can take charge of their lives, become more productive and focus on what truly matters. She also holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from Columbia University and a BA in Journalism and French from Ohio University. So, she’s quite an amazing person and we’re so excited to have her on today, and welcome again. How are you? [Read more…]

Home Based Entrepreneur – From Welfare to Millionaire Muslimah

Hey everybody and welcome back to the “From Ordinary to the Extraordinary Podcast.” And today we have an extremely special guest today and looking at her bio, you know, she has such a huge resume and it would take me literally five minutes just to read everything so I’m just going to give you some highlights of just who we have the honor of speaking with today. [Read more…]

Avoiding SEO Scams Part 1

Everybody welcome back to the From Ordinary to Extraordinary podcast. This is your host Victoria Caldwell. And I have another exciting guest today. Actually he’s a little bit different than some of the other guests, and his name is Yusuf Chowdhury. He’s a professional Digital Marketing Consultant, business coach, and instructor, with the combined 15 years of experience in the field of Marketing Research. [Read more…]

The Entrepreneur Definition

The question of the entrepreneur definition is probably one you’ve heard thrown around quite a bit, especially if you are an entrepreneur or want to become an entrepreneur.  Well  you may not have actually thought about the actual definition, but you definitely know how to use it correctly in a sentence.  But how do you define entrepreneur?  When you ask people this question, you will be amazed how many different definitions you will get.  Even on the web.  Now you may not have even thought about this question and you just assumed you know the answer. [Read more…]

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