How to Be an Entrepreneur – From a Reluctant One

Hey everybody, and welcome back to the From Ordinary to Extraordinary Podcast. I’m your host, Victoria Caldwell. And today, we have the honor of speaking with Yasemin Inal, another extraordinary entrepreneur. She’s a certified personal development and high performance coach, and a motivational speaker. She’s the founder of Amplify your Dreams, where she empowers big dreamers to get clear about their goals and dreams so that they can take charge of their lives, become more productive and focus on what truly matters. She also holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from Columbia University and a BA in Journalism and French from Ohio University. So, she’s quite an amazing person and we’re so excited to have her on today, and welcome again. How are you? [Read more…]

The Once Reluctant Entreprepreneur-Yasemin Inal

How often do you meet an entrepreneur that didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur?  Not often for me but this weeks’ guest shares her story about how to be an entrepreneur even when you don’t think its for you.   She discovered her passion through her work and lo and behold realized that her passion and what she was doing in her job could be turned into a business.  From then on there has been no looking back. [Read more…]

Home Based Entrepreneur – From Welfare to Millionaire Muslimah

Hey everybody and welcome back to the “From Ordinary to the Extraordinary Podcast.” And today we have an extremely special guest today and looking at her bio, you know, she has such a huge resume and it would take me literally five minutes just to read everything so I’m just going to give you some highlights of just who we have the honor of speaking with today. [Read more…]

Home Based Entrepreneur & Millionaire Muslimah

This week’s guest, Saiyyidah Zaidi or the Millionaire Muslimah joins us to speak about her incredible journey from growing up on England’s equivalent of welfare to becoming an extraordinary home based entrepreneur.  She discusses her journey from leaving a 6-figure job to start her business.  It wasn’t an all rosy journey but definitely worth the struggle.  Now she’s here to share how to become an entrepreneur with our listeners! [Read more…]

Avoiding SEO Scams Part 1

Everybody welcome back to the From Ordinary to Extraordinary podcast. This is your host Victoria Caldwell. And I have another exciting guest today. Actually he’s a little bit different than some of the other guests, and his name is Yusuf Chowdhury. He’s a professional Digital Marketing Consultant, business coach, and instructor, with the combined 15 years of experience in the field of Marketing Research. [Read more…]

How to Become an Entrepreneur-SEO Edition

This is one episode you don’t want to miss.  In this episode of how to become an entrepreneur, we speak with Yusuf Chowdhury.  Yusuf is a digital marketing maven and expert trainer.  In this episode, I, who also run a digital marketing agency discuss the scams and pitfalls to hiring and even doing your own SEO and digital marketing.  Be sure to check it out and share with friends.  I’m sure we have to do a part II of this one.

[Read more…]

How to Start A Business with No Money

How to start a business with no money.  This week’s guest, Fatima Omar, brilliantly answers this question with her story of struggle.  Leaving a monetarily lavish but abusive relationship,  Fatima had no choice but to start a business to support herself and her 5 children.   With no money, fearing for her life and not being able to get a job (because of her special needs son), Fatima shows how she conquered these odds!   [Read more…]

The Entrepreneur Definition

The question of the entrepreneur definition is probably one you’ve heard thrown around quite a bit, especially if you are an entrepreneur or want to become an entrepreneur.  Well  you may not have actually thought about the actual definition, but you definitely know how to use it correctly in a sentence.  But how do you define entrepreneur?  When you ask people this question, you will be amazed how many different definitions you will get.  Even on the web.  Now you may not have even thought about this question and you just assumed you know the answer. [Read more…]

From $7 Network Marketer to Successful Serial Entrepreneur

This episode’s guest Nazir Al-Mujaahid is an under 40 year old serial entrepreneur and father of 8.75 children. He became interested in entrepreneurship as a teen when when his uncle (who owns watermelon stands),  told him that he could buy 5 Rolls Royces cash if he wanted to, despite not learning to read or write until he was in his 30s.  Naturally this peaked Nazir’s interest and he went on to pursue entrepreneurship, first through network marketing. The mistakes Nazir made, in growing his now ultra successful online businesses, are typical to a lot of hungry and driven entrepreneurs.  We also discuss “sales” and the apprehension to selling which paralyzes many from taking action.  Listen to Nazir’s advice on how he runs a successful business and manages a large growing family.

[Read more…]

O2E: 001 Discover Your Innate Extraordinary Factor™


In this episode Victoria Caldwell, Founder of Barakah Biz Network and Impress Online Marketing, and COO of Barakah Biz Network, Monica Boddie, discuss their entrepreneurial journeys, the reason we started this project, and excellent tools that we have discovered to help discover and leverage your innate value.  In business this would be called your USP (unique sales proposition or unique strategic proposition) or your competitive advantage.

Often times when starting a business, standing out is the last thing on the minds of business owners and entrepreneurs.  They are more concerned with getting going, until they realize sales are slow are they are having a hard time competing.  Then the need do show their differentiation or competitive edge appears.  This is very late in the process and warrants a discussion before you get started.  This way you can continuously build on your advantages.

We share these with you so that you can avoid the mistakes we made and that so many entrepreneurs make in doing the wrong things and following the wrong people (the wrong way). The major take aways from this are:


1. How to discovering your innate value allows you to position yourself and eliminate competition
2. How it allows you to attract your ideal clients and repel non ideal clients using your competitive advantage
3. How to follow your own personal wealth path (the past of least resistance for you).
4. How to Find out what your Personal Competitive Advantage is and leverage it
5. How to Learn from Experts and Still Follow Your Own Path


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